Start Shipping Features Again. Not Infrastructure.

Rethinking DevOps for the modern software organization.

We Are Hive

We are an elite breed of DevOps uber-engineers. We work in-house together with your developers to reshape your infrastructure and developer tools according to best practices. Each of us is top of our field, but as a collective our powers magnify far beyond the ordinary.

Infrastructure is our craft and passion. Attitude and culture is our secret weapon.

We’re confident our impact on your engineering organization will be immediate and profound.

Why Hive?

The modern engineering team needs a new “resident-experts-on-demand” approach to infrastructure. Complex tools that yesterday were only available to the Apples and Googles are now mission-critical to even the smallest of companies. We work aligned with this new reality of business, opening the door for your team to tackle problems more ambitiously and for productivity to soar to unseen levels.

Embrace Docker

Our experts live and breathe Docker and containers. We can help your team migrate to Docker, enabling trusted, identical deployments across development, staging and production environments. We skillfully design containers to acheive rapid application deployments, faster build times, and tight compatibility with your existing tooling. Our groundbreaking Docker design patterns allow your engineers to bring your entire datacenter to their local machine, making it trivial to debug those thorny issues and letting them be caught earlier in the development process. Stop fighting infrastructure fires, and bring reliability and predictability back to your operations.

Automate the Tedious

We deliver the tools your developers need to continuously generate detailed code quality, application performance, and security reports to identify issues as soon as they’re introduced. We architect continuous deployment systems to build per-branch staging environments that spin up and down automatically as your team hammers out new features in your products. Deep automation across your entire stack frees up your engineers to focus on what’s truly important: shipping features faster and more confidently.

Effortless Agility

We work with any cloud, helping you make full use of the benefits unique to each cloud provider while navigating around unncessary vendor lock-in. Our microservices approach to infrastructure development keeps technical debt down and maximizes your choices of technologies to cherry pick into your stack. With our expertise in clustered systems and autoscaling, we make it trivial to add infrastructure capacity as your business grows, whether it happens smoothly or in spikes. Ensure your business is nimble in the face of a changing market and emerging competitors.

Renew Focus on What Makes You Great

We’re a tight-knit DevOps strike team with a passion for solving the kinds of infrastructure problems that slow your developers down. Replicating a team like ours internally in your company is not easy, and each moment spent on this endeavour is a moment not focused on your company’s core competency. In-house DevOps-on-demand is the new answer to the fluctuating business needs of a modern tech organization, and gives you the flexibility to scale your DevOps department up or down as needed. Your customers are waiting for you to push the envelope in what you’re already great at; leave the infrastructure troubles to us.

What Our Minds Know

Docker & Kubernetes

The new standard for modern application delivery. Bit-for-bit identical development, staging and production environments. Immutable, code-generated server infrastructure and configuration.

Continuous Testing & Deployment

Automatically build, test and deploy code changes to staging and production environments. Know as soon as the code is broken, and who needs to clean up the mess. Completely eliminate manual, error-prone steps for promoting builds.

Developer Tools & Workflows

Proven Git branching workflows. Unravel spaghetti-like internal and external dependencies. Keep track of code quality metrics to ensure code stays clean and maintainable.

Cloud Management & Migrations

Full configuration and management of infrastructure from any cloud provider. Migrate from bare metal to the cloud and from one cloud provider to another. Cost-cutting cloud audits and future cost projections.

Clustered Environments

Effortless autoscaling make your infrastructure work like Google’s does, so you can handle your company’s growth spurts like a champ. Advanced failover and service discovery systems allow services to continue working despite failures.

Logging, Metrics & Tracing

Visibility into your systems is paramount to ensure problems are dealt with proactively, not reactively. State-of-the-art centralized logging, beautiful metrics graphs and deep distributed tracing give you a dashboard of your operations.

Performance Optimization

Deliver a lightning-fast experience to your global audience with modern distribution systems. Tease out application performance bottlenecks and stress points. Measure and plan around the limits of what your site can handle with carefully orchestrated load tests.


The most elegant infrastructure design is deadly if it leaves the side door open to the bad guys. Get peace of mind with in-depth security audits, server hardening, sandboxing sensitive systems, security-minded coding best practices, and automated threat scanning.

Summon Us

We would love to hear about your infrastructure challenges and discuss how we might help. Send us a note introducing yourself and we will be in touch soon to get the ball rolling.